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Why E-Digital E-Books?

The Curiosity, Interest and Excitement Continues to Build...

  • Convenient
    Immediate purchase ordering, computer retrieval, delivery and ownership is available for downloadable editions right at your fingertips anywhere in the world.
  • Cost Saving
    No inconvenience of travel expenses to purchase and no snail mailing fees. Downloadable digital editions are often less than those published on paper.
  • Ecologically Sound
    The trees in our environment are important. Digital publications help to secure the future of our planet in this regard.
  • Print, Accessibility and Other Options
    E-Books generally offer the the owner the ability to print out a personal copy if they choose to do so. Other than the Utility e-books that are created specifically for the printer with additional computer screen capture options, E-Digital E-Books in PDF are text accessible for the visually impaired via the "Read Out Loud" selection from the view menu in the Acrobat Reader. Published PDF editions are cross platform and available for both PC and Macintosh computers.
  • Outside the Box/Cutting Edge
    Many products that cannot be offered to the public as a book can be made available as an e-book; e-art, e-stationery, e-invitations, e-stickers, e-labels, talking digital books, graphics including digital photography and frames for digital photographs. As an overall publishing medium for graphics, the e-book has unlimited potential. In future, all published materials will be converted to digital format. Paper print publishing will continue to be made available but it is becoming prohibitively more expensive every year.
  • Portable
    Can be transferred to any device that will accommodate the Acrobat Reader.
  • Space Saving
    No tangible physical issues to have to deal with as is the case with hard and soft cover editions and the bookcases needed to store them.
  • Permanent Retrieval
    Digital editions are a fixed commodity for as long as you choose to retain them in your computer. Unlike paper editions they are not subject to normal wear and tear or the yellowing of age. Standing the test of time, an e-book will remain in future as beautiful as the day you first downloaded it.
  • Smart
    Great for avid readers and collectors of individual editions of published books. A smart purchase for all of the above reasons.




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